A Bientot, Mes Oiseaux

La Maison des Oiseaux is calling me back

In an email exchange a month or so back, Gill (Blog-sur-Aude) referred to our house in passing as ‘La Maison des Oiseaux’. I found this fascinating, as I think of it also as a house of birds

Perhaps it was the loft full of pigeons, some living and laying, others fossilised, one of whom – living – ambushed me in the main hallway and made me jump out of my skin while the builders were replacing the roof, and leaving a mountain of detritus for me to clear up (the pigeons, not the builders)

Is it because I am ‘Poshbird’? No, I don’t think so

Anyway, I love birds. So, for whatever reason, I think the name fits our house. I might even find a suitably stylised bird to sit on the staircase in place of the missing bannister finial

And when this unusual winged wardrobe came up for sale I thought it was simply beautiful and I bought it with birthday money

It sits on the deep bottom drawer, just visible in the mirror (as is my elbow)

It’s been packed up, so all I have are a few photos to drool over for now

Bird motifs, gorgeous oak grain

‘A bientot, mes oiseaux!’



Author: poshbirdy

Art deco/ art nouveau maniac enjoying a deep and meaningful relationship with alcohol

12 thoughts on “A Bientot, Mes Oiseaux”

  1. I really like birds, my name and also once my Grandpa’s spirit cane to me in a winged messenger, a Cardinal. The story is on my blog and the link is attached to the tag “cardinal.” 🙂
    Smiles, Robin


  2. What a beauteous find and so appropriate for la Maison des Oiseaux. Which it certainly should be called. Actually our house has a name and has always been known by it (Maison Carrée which it is. Square). You just need to introduce it into the commune gently and you will be away and I for one think you should!

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      1. I keep telling myself it WILL be elegant …. at the moment it is the most messed up square imaginable! I had an EMG which is a horrible test to get a full picture of the nerve damage yesterday. It is rather akin to deliberately touching an electric fence over and over again and then topping it off with some needles stuck in your leg and a bit more current passed through them for good measure. I see the specialist for a verdict on Monday. We were due to spend this week and next in Hawaii but that has had to be cancelled so we are off to Vermont to catch the Fall colours for a few days next week instead. One door closes and all that! I’m hoping my bionic orthosis will be ready this week and then we will see if it makes enough difference for me to be able to do some low level hiking. Thank you so much for asking – you are very kind and I know you understand the frustration! x

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        1. Ouch! That test sounds awful and I am so sorry you’ve had to cancel – or rather, postpone – Hawaii. I hope you can get out and really enjoy your Vermont trip, and I am fascinated to hear about your bionic orthosis (it sounds very dynamic and I must google that now!)

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          1. Its a carbon fibre AFO and supports the leg and helps the foot work properly rather than flapping as it does now! Good insurance is very telling here. We would not get one on the National Elf, I’m afraid!

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  3. Love the bird motifs, they are so so pretty and so fitting! Now if the house was in the UK that is of course just what you would call it, and no one would bat an eyelid, but no one names houses in France as we do in England!

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