Not Everyday – the Wolfsonian

Just getting my regular fix


We hadn’t researched Miami. Having been there years ago it seemed unnecessary. So when we stumbled upon this sight in the foyer of a building I was frantically taking photos through the glass doors until Baz explained that we were allowed inside. We had found the temple that is Miami’s Wolfsonian Institute

The Institute is apparently 15 years old (yes, it’s obviously a while since we visited!) and holds a small and beautifully chosen selection of items. Artworks include some rather unsettling 20th Century pictures, including a painting which deals openly with suicide. I apologise for the lack of quality in the photo, but I felt I had to include it



Of course, I found myself mentally furnishing a home with the jaw-dropping selection of home items

IMG_0550Look at these gorgeous nouveau theatre chairs – I could definitely find space for these. And the leather is perfectly patinated and worn


Cooking technology may have improved but you can’t tell me there’s a more lovely cooker anywhere today. Never mind practicalities, I would happily have this and never cook

And this would in turn mean that I would need the perfect toaster IMG_0569

But why have just one?


My tea set would be flawlessly simple and silverIMG_0576

And of course I would have a stunning dressing table, with mirrored shelves and a floor-length mirror, in exactly the right shade of green


.. and the latest beats. Though I would of course never part with my sunburst cabinet


I realise that the items here might not push everyone’s buttons, but frankly I will never understand why. This post is obviously not for those people

It is for those of you who will feel exactly what I do when I look at these pieces. I want to touch these things and put them into my house context

Only kidding. Of course I mean my house really!

Author: poshbirdy

Art deco/ art nouveau maniac enjoying a deep and meaningful relationship with alcohol

24 thoughts on “Not Everyday – the Wolfsonian”

  1. The Wolfsonian certainly has some great exhibits. You might like to explore the Norton Gallery in West Palm Beach or the Lowe Art Gallery on the University of Miami campus next time.

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  2. I love art deco and these are spectacular pieces. That stove was out of this world – can you imagine how posh it was in the 30s? And the toaster just makes me drool… My cousin had a Craftsman bungalow in Berkeley with the original pale blue stove.

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    1. I lived 2 years in Brussels and fell in love with the place. Haven’t been to Edinburgh for some years but love Glasgow’s Art Nouveau. Nancy? That’s one for my new (and ever-growing) list


      1. I lived in Ixelles, between Avenue Louise and Place Flagey, which was rather dicey back then. It’s pretty hip now.
        Nancy has lots of Art Nouveau architecture, and also is a center for Art Nouveau antiques. In the U.S., NYC has great Art Deco–the Chrysler Building, Rockefeller Center…

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        1. Oh I know that area well. I always thought it was fairly upmarket. But then I lived on Place de Jeux de Balles! Yes, NY is a great art deco spot too and I am sure I will be back again soon


            1. I was above a cafe called ‘Les Puces’ on the square itself, though I had lived at Place du Sablon before that and Scharbeek before that. I’m going back to the early nineties here!


  3. Wonderful! The only problem with a situation like this is (if you’re anything like me) you’ll now waste hours/days/weeks fruitlessly searching ebay for duplicates on the market!
    Infact… I might just have a little look at green dressing tables right now.. please excuse me.

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  4. A temple indeed! Stunning collection. The portrait of the ‘jumper’ is heartbreaking in its honesty but it’s the stove I would fight you for. And the chairs. The toasters. The dressing set. Ouch, my wallet hurts 😉

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