Gratuitous shots of someone else’s house

French Property stalking for a quick ‘fix’

I arrive in Carcassonne alone, and drag my wheelie case along the cobbled streets to find the house we saw when we came here a few weeks before IMG_8991

I am a huntress. I know when I am getting close, even though I am not that familiar with the streets. I just feel that I am getting closer

I have only a short time before I have to catch my train, but I just hang around outside,  taking photos when I think no-one is looking. Does this make me a house stalker?

Yes, most definitely, as I press my face to the window to see inside IMG_8601IMG_8607It was for sale but the owner has now decided to ‘renovate’. I don’t know what that really means, but I hope they will not strip the original interior features that I can still see

It’s the many details which make this wonderful house. Each one is complete in its own right, but they also work together to create the beaux-arts buildingIMG_8982IMG_8613

Hundreds of people must pass by this street every day, yet other than the graffiti artist who has recently made their mark, few seem to notice it. Does that make it any less special?

I think not

Author: poshbirdy

Art deco/ art nouveau maniac enjoying a deep and meaningful relationship with alcohol

18 thoughts on “Gratuitous shots of someone else’s house”

  1. I know this house. Rue Aimé Ramond. It has an amazing kitchen on the RDC (the window to the right of the entry–I peeked) that’s all Caunes marble. And a courtyard. It was out of my budget. I salivate every time I pass. I am crazy about Art Nouveau. There’s another Art Nouveau beauty on Av. Pierre Sémard; you can see it from Boulevard de Varsovie across the canal. It’s houses government offices. Sigh.

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    1. I thought it was a kitchen but couldn’t see very well. It’s SO beautiful, isn’t it. Will def look for the government offices next time I am there, so thanks for the tip


  2. Now this is getting spooky.
    On May 25th we flew to France and I wandered around Carcassonne and took photos of this house also (thinking of your favourite styles) It was going to be my next post!!!!
    I have the dates on the pictures to prove it. And how did I miss this post whilst I was away?
    Dern, dern, dern, dern DERRRRNNN!!!

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      1. Has to be most beautiful town house ever. Let us hope some “old stuff nut” with our taste and style has bought it!
        I will blog on it because it’s flourishes feature a great example of a decorative motif I favour

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  3. You are most definitely a house stalker and I thank the Lord for that … thank you for bringing this gem to my little world. I join you in hoping that the renovator is not a terminator in disguise 🙂

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