Happy Cupcakes

Coffee shop criticisms

C meets me in a coffee shop after school on my day off, allowing me to grab a caffeine hit and stave off that inexorable coffee-withdrawal headache. I’ve noticed that there’s a pattern of general disapproval emerging in the conversations we have

Last week:

(Me) ‘I love the grey they’ve used on the walls here. It would look great in your bedroom’

‘It looks like the colour we used to have in the living room’

‘It’s definitely not the same colour. It’s greener, but warmer as well’

‘Well, maybe not the same, but very similar’

‘I’ll bring the colour charts with me next week and match it’

‘Oh please no, not the colour charts’

This week:

(Me, showing C my phone) ‘Look at this cupcake. How cute is that!’

‘Was that muffin on that counter?’

‘Yes. Look, it’s smiling’

‘And you just went over and took that photo?’

I nod

‘You’re SO weird’

This is teenage disapproval. It’s possibly the worst kind, and it’s not made any easier by the fact that she’s probably right: I am weird, and I do talk about colour charts and happy cupcakes too often





Author: poshbirdy

Art deco/ art nouveau maniac enjoying a deep and meaningful relationship with alcohol

14 thoughts on “Happy Cupcakes”

  1. My mother in law said to me when my eldest was about 18 months that the journey with a girl is better and better year on year until they are fourteen when it is best to hit the bottle for 4 years until they emerge vaguely human on the cusp of their twenties. I went on to have three more girls and she was point perfect every time. PS: That cupcake IS smiling and colour carts are essential to a well calibrated psyche xx

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  2. Yes, been there. Having said that, my daughter’s eyes still glaze over at 38 when I talk about colour charts….. Bless her, she tries to look riveted by the subject.
    I have bored so many folk with my French mission that my blog is now my default forum for voicing my deco-angst to those of us who get it.

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