In Br-imbo

Has anyone got a plan?

I have been keeping quiet, in the hope that it was all a bad dream, and that a recount would be called. Or that someone would just make sense of this awful mess. But they haven’t

The EU has flaws and they are many, but as a concept and as our future security it is what I firmly believe in

Of course, this is now purely academic, because the nation has spoken and I am apparently in the minority, though only just

But as huge as this decision itself is, the broader consequences are that we have no-one to reassure us in the wake of this shocking event, no-one to tell us where this is all really going. Everyone – whichever way they cast their vote – has been thrust into limbo awaiting news, and the effect of this on the economy will be equally catastrophic. We are completely uninvestable, and just as the latest recession dissipates we are now forced to steer our businesses through another, or simply to collapse. The whole situation is damaging in the extreme, and the prospect of yet a worsening economic downturn is depressing

And it’s all due to the utterly indefensible hate-mongering politicians who sold the referendum to the gullible in order to further their own agendas/careers. And to all those people who thought they were ‘making a protest vote’, ‘saving the NHS, or whatever. In reality the country has been completely divided, as close to 50/50 as is possible, and no-one knows how to deal with the Brexit monster that has been created

The future for our young people is anything but bright, it is murky and uncertain, and it seems they are destined to spend the early years of adulthood in an isolated country without prospects and without any feeling of unity



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