Belgian beer is still the best
Belgian beer is still the best

I am married to the wonderful and very patient Baz. I have always had a huge ‘thing’ for art deco and art nouveau but I feel my job is to care for the lower-end items which get discarded or left along the way, but which are still beautiful. This obsession goes right back to childhood and I would turn my house into a shrine to all things 1900 – 1930, given the chance! Now we are renovating a home in France so I should have plenty of scope to run riot!

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. I am an Art Deco fan and I know this is sad but I loved to watch Poirot with David Suchet because the furniture in his office was simply to die for.
    I firmly believe that one day I shall own a small piece of my home where the club or airplane chairs are matched with equally artistic and beautiful pieces. Till then I will suffer in silence with Eames and Conran… 😉


  2. How very exciting to renovate your house! I was brought up in Glasgow, surrounded by Art Nouveau created by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and others. If you google Hill House you might get some more inspiration. Here in Texas we live in a modern house but fashioned in American Craftsman style (from the American Arts and Crafts movement in the 1930s). Good luck!


  3. Funny, isn’t it!
    There are so many good items that are overlooked and discarded. Often they are things with real heart. Like you, I started as a child and I still have some really wonderful bits that have been with me since then


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