My Room 101

What can you not stand in your life?

I embrace many styles, and the French house will be subject to compromises because it is my only opportunity to indulge my catholic style tendencies (and because I take in whatever casualties/goodies that come my way)

Still, there are a few style elements that I staunchly avoid, and so, if I were to compile a short list for my Room 101 suggestions, it would have to include:

Things that are made to fit into corners (e.g. corner cupboards/ corner wardrobes/ corner shelves etc)      For some reason I have a very strong dislike of all things that were purpose-built to go nook and cranny-ish into a corner. This intolerance does not extend to things that go into recesses. No, I can’t explain, but corner-shaped things set me on edge

(a previous inhabitant of our French house painted the floor tiles around a long-gone corner unit as well as some of the rugs. I consider this very lazy as well as in poor taste, and its footprint is an enduring – ugly – legacy)

Barley twist legs    How boring and unimaginative, they make me think of my Aunty Kit (not that she was necessarily either of these things – and her legs were not kinked that I can remember – but she had a Jacobean-style cupboard with the offending legs in her chalet bungalow in Totteridge). I have yet to find a piece of furniture to persuade me that I could live with this particular feature and I have rejected many tables, sideboards and chairs because of them

Etched glass    Perhaps weirdly, though I drool over leaded, coloured, signpainted glass and over old pressed glass such as the feature image above*, I am not keen on etched glass

There are a few exceptions to this last one, usually in old pubs, but they have to be taken on a case by case basis. And no, again I cannot really justify it

What decorative things irk you? Or are there no rules…

*Only just noticed the generous dollop of bird poo, top left of the pic

Oh well!

Author: poshbirdy

Art deco/ art nouveau maniac enjoying a deep and meaningful relationship with alcohol

14 thoughts on “My Room 101”

  1. Ah but I once had a 17th century aged mahogany bow fronted corner cupboard that had belonged to my Ma in la. It was blackened and beautiful and it fit. It is the only thing I have ever felt suited its purpose as a corner dweller but i would postulate it is the exception that proves your rule. Barley twists are entirely too twee for me. But what I really really hate would be modern chandeliers. Either source an old one or use a modern light. Don’t blight me with your fake foibles.

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  2. I threw out most of my “rules” in my auction house days because one ends up seeing the exceptions to the rule enough times for the rules to lose meaning. I’m also not a fan of corner furniture, but I promise you I’ve seen an 18th century Venetian Lacca Povera Corner Writing Table that would take your breath away.

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  3. I am guilty of owning a very old, solid oak corner wardrobe but I promise I haven’t painted around it. I also have, somewhere, a little side table thingy with barley twist legs which I think I bought to try out some chalk painting. Sorry! I’m getting my own back though by saying I’m not a fan of pressed glass – it conjures up claustrophobic rooms with a lingering smell of boiled cabbage. I have no idea why – maybe I need a psychiatrist . I’m with francetaste on Conforama and But but I did buy a washing machine at one of them (they are interchangeable really) last week – that doesn’t count though does it?

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    1. This is getting interesting now, because clearly I am not the only one here who needs therapy (your cabbage association is fascinating!). And I actually had to google But and Conforama as I don’t yet actually live in France. Have to say I agree with Francetaste too, but then, white goods are rarely things of beauty so you can surely be forgiven

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  4. I agree with all the above.
    Then may I add plastic windows, any kind of fake wood and cheap looking fitted kitchens?
    Re Posh ” s corner cupboard aversion, she won’t be able to cope with dinner Chez Nous as we have an old one in the dining room. Will just invite B and C…

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    1. All good, though I have to confess to having plastic windows in the UK (you should have seen me kicking and screaming over it, but we simply could not afford wood, so I only got wooden sills). I’ve never yet run out in horror from your lovely home and I’m sure I can avert my gaze from the ‘offending’ item as I have never yet noticed it 🙂

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  5. Oh, we Brits do intolerance very well (although I only got a B in A Level Design Intolerance). I loathe those sofas with a row of scatter cushions along the back instead of a properly upholstered back – cheap to make and people fall for it. (Although I love a scatter cushion, oddly enough.) Mirror wardrobes set my teeth on edge. Fake panel doors, usually with a cardboard egg-carton interior. And front doors with those little fan-lights built into them to give a touch of Georgiana… See, I really should’ve got an A.

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