Object of Desire

What’s black and white and grows in the bathroom

‘Your bath looks wonderful’ said a friend. ‘It’s as if it grew there’

The bathroom is finally coming together exactly as I had planned, dominated by the roll top bath. I was unreasonably thrilled when the plumber confirmed that I could have my first bath today – nearly two years after buying the house

And yet, as it approached 8pm I realised that I had been finding things to do and putting off filling the tub. I had really stuck my neck out by insisting on a roll top bath and it had caused a lot of effort for everyone. Supposing I didn’t like it? I was even obsessing over the idea that it would not take the weight of the 120kg tub full of water and me, and that it would fall through the floor, leaving me cold, naked and alone in the hallway downstairs

But it looked so inviting, and I was filthy

Yes, I had to improvise a bath mat (today’s dirty T-shirt) and my toiletries were balanced on the taps, but I was so euphoric after finally taking the plunge that I composed an Oscar-type thank you speech in my head as I bathed. ‘Thank you Baz for believing in me when I bought this house and this bath back in 2015, and for allowing me to fritter away war could have been our pension fund. Thank you to the Smiley Plumbers for doing what I asked, even though you thought it was wrong. Yes, you did. And thank you to the bloke on Ebay who was chucking away the bath of my dreams,’ etc …

Afterwards I ran downstairs to check that water was not pouring into the hallway. (Oh, me of little faith!)

I texted people to tell them ‘I’ve had a bath’

I called Baz, still full of enthusiasm. After all these years he still just laughs and says ‘if you’re happy, I’m happy’

The guy’s a saint

This gorgeous bath, including the taps and shower thing, came out of a house three miles from us in the UK, where developers had gone in :(. The site manager just wanted a few notes and collection within 24 hours. Two years on, it has found its homeIMG_4386

Why do people choose acrylic baths over cast iron? Enamelled cast iron looks wonderful. The smoothness of enamel is calming, cosy and warm, like a big cuddle. It’s huge. It cleans down so easily. Oh, someone stop me here! I have spent the last forty-odd years since my childhood dreaming of another cast iron bath while everyone else has moved into the acrylic future

What am I missing?

Author: poshbirdy

Art deco/ art nouveau maniac enjoying a deep and meaningful relationship with alcohol

15 thoughts on “Object of Desire”

  1. I am so so with you! Cast iron is my ultimate favourite. I can’t stand plastic (whether baths or showers). My dream is to have a cast iron tub outside, complete with piped in hot water. To sit out there on a cool night, fire in our outside fireplace, glass of wine and lean back to see the stars. I am keeping my eyes open…

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  2. LOL, you got me all excited about a cast iron bath. I feel like I am filthy by taking showers, unfortunately, the bath would not fit into our current RV. I may have to come over sometime and use yours! 🙂

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  3. There is nothing on earth like soaking in a proper bath and a proper bath, like a proper anything at all cannot possibly be plastic! Well done you …. I can only imagine what bliss it was – I hope you consider some bubbly (to drink not soak in) the next time! Chin chin! X

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  4. Why do I never hear of anybody ‘throwing out’ such treasures? I need the family bathroom renovating and I am tempted by an old bath but will probably use most of the space with a shower as that is my preferred method of getting clean. I wouldn’t bother with a bath at all but, if we ever sell, it could be an omission that costs us the sale and it is nice to luxuriate in a bath once in a while. It might have to be a corner bath though and I’m not sure they come in cast iron 😦 If I ever find a builder/plumber that is.
    I hope you had a lovely soak and I wish you many more in the future. Did you take a glass of wine in with you to toast absent friends on this very important occasion?


    1. Sadly, the glass of wine was not practical as I have no shelf yet! If you like a shower, why worry about a bath? I wouldn’t bother at all if I were you, just a nice simple shower


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