The Fall of the House of Birds

Sanity is Optional

Builders blustering into the house has created a great deal of stress and creative energy. Here are some of today’s tableaux depicting progress. There were more but you’ve been spared because nerdpress got stroppy when I tried to upload them:

‘La Toilette Qui Rit’
‘Face With Cigar and Telescope’
‘Jazz Collage’ (detail)
‘Still Life With Resting Wheelbarrow’
‘La Toilette Qui Dort’



Author: poshbirdy

Art deco/ art nouveau maniac enjoying a deep and meaningful relationship with alcohol

8 thoughts on “The Fall of the House of Birds”

  1. Haha! Been there and got the tee-shirt; though your title was alarming and filled me with trepidation, Missy!!!!

    Out of chaos comes order, though I know well that it’s traumatic to destroy before rebuilding, rejigging and restoring; even when the stuff you are hacking out is vile/ impractical/aesthetically depressing

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  2. I think you are astonishingly calm in the circumstances. I just sat with my head in my hands and cried and then my husband found a dead bird on the stairs and I simply dissolved into despair. There are some real treasures there though I take it, however tempting, you are not keeping the laughing loo?!!! 🚽 😂 x

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