Soft As a Whisper

One loss and a near miss


At just six days old the first cygnet of the three has vanished. The family had been doing so well – swimming and promenading each day along our riverbank, so it was a shock

Soon after realising this, C spotted one struggling frantically half way up the steep garden steps, where he must have slipped. The two adults and his sibling were at the top and the entire family were frantic, squawking loudly. Luckily, Baz was able to pick the little fella up, ignoring the aggressive threats of its parents a few feet away, and to place him near them before any cats could pick him off

IMG_9685We’re all very attached to them, but from previous experience we know how difficult it is for the parents to keep these little ones safe while they’re small, due to mink and other predators, and also presumably because of their natural curiosity

And in case you’re wondering, Baz said the little one felt wonderful, just as soft as he looks

Author: poshbirdy

Art deco/ art nouveau maniac enjoying a deep and meaningful relationship with alcohol

7 thoughts on “Soft As a Whisper”

  1. What a hero! Its so sad when the babies succumb so to have Sir Gallahad on hand is marvellous indeed. I just adore your pictures of these little fluffers. They are absolutely captivating.

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    1. Sadly, by the time we got home from work yesterday, only one cygnet remained. He was curled up under his mum’s back feathers and they looked very subdued. It’s heartbreaking because the parents are so tender and patient and invested in their babies. I was happy to sit out on the bank all night but as Baz says, the mink are probably taking them while they are swimming on the river. If only we could keep their last baby safe, but there’s nothing we can do

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      1. Oh so, frustrating. The minks deserve to eat too, but the swans are so elegant. We have a glut of swans (ours are black) in Australia, and no minks to get them. Fingers crossed for yours.

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