Relight My (Gas) Fire

Upcycling and alternative energy sources

Attractive pieces often get scrapped because they are no longer useful or relevant, so I wanted to re-purpose an old gas heater by turning it into a light. That was the plan – to be sensible and to dip my toes – but then I couldn’t choose between two of them, both very different, each with its own merits. So I bought both!

This one is SO unusual and such a beautiful shape. I could see its potential and fell in loveIMG_8959I think it’s made of aluminium. It was in three robust basic pieces (three very heavy pieces) when I got it, plus it had some perished gas-fitting gubbings that I removed easily (WD40 again!). It was absolutely filthy and took more effort to clean than I had expected, but even so it has a good patina and I’m glad it’s not too shiny IMG_8957I bought a small nickel bulb fitting and some nuts and bolts to put the bits together firmly, and a neighbour kindly drilled the base for me as the existing feed hole was too small (I didn’t have anything that could get through metal that solid). My main frustrations were (a) finding nice 3-core flex, which I eventually got on line and had to wait a couple of days for, and (b) getting the flex through the cord grip. There was some quiet swearing at that stage

It took time to wire the fitting and plug, because I am out of practice. It was a very hot evening and I’m blind to close work without my glasses but they slipped off my nose when I looked down, so when I do the next one I’ll be sensible and work at the table with a magnifying lamp – much easier

IMG_8964IMG_8960I’ve not seen another heater (or light!) like this. I like the fact that it’s so industrial-looking and yet so decorative and sculptural. The ‘stamen’ at the front hides the bulb completely from all angles and the light reflects back from the ‘petals’ of the back-plate. I think it looks lovely, quite sexy actually

We should all re-imagine something every now and again. Have you anything you might re-purpose?

Author: poshbirdy

Art deco/ art nouveau maniac enjoying a deep and meaningful relationship with alcohol

26 thoughts on “Relight My (Gas) Fire”

  1. Fantastic. I’m a long standing fan of turning things into illuminating objet d’art. I remember at university an inebriated dismantling of an old pc monitor to shove a b&q lamp base inside. More recent inventions have included a sowing machine cabinet record player, a record player sky box and many many shelf filled tall boys. All good clean fun.


  2. This is lovely, and such imaginative use of an otherwise redundant item. The best thing? There’ll not be another like it. It’s all yours, and to be treasured as you’ve personally made it. Nice.

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  3. Looks fantastic and so stylish – well done! I love polished aluminium. I’ve often noticed a few pieces in French markets that I’ve thought something should be done with. Thank God for people like you.

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    1. TBH All I have done is to piggy back by re-purposing. I love the styling of this piece and wish I could dream up something as beautiful as the original gas fire


  4. I haven’t seen one like that either and, trust me, I am a seasoned rummager. I have a lovely old Calor fan that I might turn into a lamp although I actually like it as it is. It still works – I was brave (or stupid) enough to plug it in – but it makes one hell of a noise and would chop your fingers off in a trice as the ‘cage’ consists of six curly pieces of metal and nothing else. I’ve also got all sorts of things on the terrace – an old stove, a spiky metal bottle drier, an old iron and enamel sink, I could go on – most of these get repurposed as some sort of plant container. I bought my third treadle sewing machine the other day – one day I will make one of them into some sort of table but they are so lovely as they are I can’t bear to mess with them. My husband sews his leatherwork on the old Pfaff one and one of the Singers works and has such beautiful decals on the machine I can’t just dump it so I can use the base. What are people like us to do?

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    1. Hilarious. I have a similar fan (from before H and S kicked in) and am hoping to find a bottle drier to make a chandelier out of – is that what you are planning?


      1. The one I have is too big and our ceilings are not high enough for it. I had all sorts of plans for it but my husband isn’t keen so, at the moment, it too is out on the terrace acting as a support for garden tools, brooms and various other odds and sods 😦 My neighbour just found one and is planning on putting bottles and fairy lights on all the spikes. I saw it first but after selling a small one (just the top section of one I think) to the U.S. I let him have it because I am never again going to repeat the experience of packaging up something with multiple spiky bits on it so that it doesn’t pierce the box (or the postman) on its travels.

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  5. Am so impressed with this project Posh! Love the end result – I really like the idea of making items from recycled things but I definitely wouldn’t have your technical skills or patience! So creative!

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  6. That looks amazing P, So creative.
    I am particularly amused by the fourth photo, and the random mirror propped on what I am guessing is your sitting room floor.
    I currently have two picture frames, seven pictures and one mirror stacked on my floor here in UK.

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  7. Kudos, Posh, this is brilliant! I do so admire people who are able to do cool things with repurposed objects. There is just so much great stuff out there, and so often its gets tossed in the bin for lack of time/ideas/know how!

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