A Bit Damaged

Briefly all the builders stood still, drawing in breath and watching me to see if I would cry – I didn’t, quite. Totally my fault, I hadn’t paid attention and turned my foot over on the rubble, yelping involuntarily. Luckily it isn’t broken, or I would have descended in the cherry picker

Today my left ankle and foot are still hugely swollen and sore. A trip to the chemist felt like an expedition, but I came home with ibuprofen gel, arnica and predictable advice

Some of our junk belongings were supposed to arrive this afternoon, but we’re heading toward evening now. What I am most looking forward to is finding and retrieving my pillow: I loathe the square ones with hardly any filling favoured by Europeans. When it arrives I may just take to my bed with my kindle and wallow in self-pity for an hour before dinner

But yesterday was very productive. Having seen the attic roof opened up, we’re adding Velux windows to the new roof and are reinstating the broken chimney to allow us to have a fire in the salon. These things would have been missed if I had stayed away and left the guys to plough on. The price of the improvements so far is my swollen extremity


The Very Busy Cherry Picker has gone home for the night, trundling backward the wrong way down our one-way street. The guys have just left and the drizzle has moved in, right on cue

Still no pillow…

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34 thoughts on “A Bit Damaged”

      1. Sounds a good plan – enjoy reading with your feet up! Great to hear it’s just a sprain though they can be very painful (my daughter has had a quite a few sprained ankles as she has hypermobile joints). Have a lovely weekend 🙂


        1. Thanks Rosemary, my daughter and I have the same problem actually. It’s much worse in her because she’s done years of ballet and it affects her hips mainly. I’m just very bendy! Enjoy your weekend too

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          1. Yes my poor daughter endured 3 knee dislocations as a result of her hypermobility – she had an op which fingers crossed has fixed her dodgy right knee! Just as well as she has 2 little ones to run around after now!


  1. Have you told Baz? Bet you haven’t, but he’s reading this anyhow!!
    Yes, good to be there for something that might require on the spot input.

    Square pillows, look great but never thick enough- solution, put TWO pads in the case .
    ( They do look more aesthetically pleasing though….and I tend to have both on the bed in France)

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        1. At the moment the nearest is about 4 hours drive (well in truth the nearest is a plane journey plus that at the moment) but when we are installed in Grenoble for 6 months later this year, there is a new one in Vienne. Actually I have warned The Brains that when we are installed in Grenoble his wallet will get a severe battering. The downside of our lovely area is that we really have little in the way of good shops so i rely on our occasional trips round France 🙂

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  2. Pauvre petite! I live in fear of wrenching an ankle … the lord only knows why – I’ve had Cancer for heavens sakes and still a sprain is my biggest terror. But you are right – you are seeing it all done. For me – I get to return to France next weekend and see what they have done in absentia and it is NOT the same thing as feeling it (though without cricked ankle would be preferable). Au fait I see a business opportunity going forward – you-me selling properly stuffed large square pillows – you see I like the shape and loathe the stuffing. You in? 😀

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    1. You’ll be a sole trader, I’m afraid. You’ll not convert me to square, however well-stuffed!
      Ooh, what are they doing while you’re away? For all the ‘being there’ it must be exciting to go back to changes made. Loved your gorgeous homesick photo

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      1. You should venture to Cantal sometime … It’s forgotten and beautiful. I can deal with square … My friend Sally is disgusted with me. You would clearly get along. My excitement is tempered with fear which leaves me bristling with adrenalin which I rather like 😉

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          1. It’s due North of you and shaped like a pair of ragged bloomers! My friends G&S spend a month in Carcassone twice a year and break the journey with a couple of nights with us. I have an obsession with seeing all of France and have just finished Susie Kelly’s book ‘Travels with Tinkerbelle’ which whet my appetite for the circumference – Cantal is very much inland. Hope the foot is healing xx

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              1. Susie is brilliant …. Best foot Forward (if that’s not too sore a subject) involves her walking West-East across France …. She blogs – you can find her in my followers as @merewoman and is absolutely inspiring. And she gets passionate about the right stuff too!


  3. That looks nasty. Get it up on one of those awful square pillows – it’s all they’re good for. Who wants a pillow that comes halfway down your back? I’ve steadfastly refused to convert and order ‘proper’ pillows online – although I notice they have started making an appearance in France now – you can spot them now and again. Now, when I buy duvet sets that come with square pillowcases, I chop about 10cm off one side and re-sew them to make a rectangular one. What a rebel!
    I hope your foot goes down again quickly so you can enjoy having a rummage through your belongings when they arrive.

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    1. Oh thanks, just found out that my beloved pillow etc won’t arrive now until Saturday, so I’ll have to abuse a square one! Glad I’m not alone in my pillow fetish. They have never worked for me


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