Gerty’s Gorgeous Green Gifts


After a five month sabbatical, Gertrude has decided to lay again. This is a real joy as her eggs are not only very delicious, but very beautiful too. They have a colour which defies green and a texture that makes eggshell sound way too ordinary. An egg from Gerty is something to touch and to hold, a photo waiting to be taken

The closest colour I can find is Farrow and Ball’s French Gray. Though they are slightly paler, they have exactly the same balance of colours

Once, due to the girls taking meds we were not allowed to eat her eggs for 28 days. At that time she was laying every day so I stockpiled the eggs. They looked amazing as a group, but eventually I threw them out for fear of someone dropping the bowl!

They make a lovely half dozen, don’t they?




Author: poshbirdy

Art deco/ art nouveau maniac enjoying a deep and meaningful relationship with alcohol

8 thoughts on “Gerty’s Gorgeous Green Gifts”

    1. No rooster needed, Kerry (though we do have an accidental rooster called ‘Floella’ the fella). Gerty’s sister Audrey died in August and everyone suddenly stopped laying. It was so sad losing her as she was a very strong character with lots of health problems and we all adored her. The whole dynamic of the group changed when they lost her and Gerty really had to adjust to life without her, so these lovely eggs are a sure sign that she has recovered herself. Sorry, I could talk about my chickens all day!!

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  1. Oh well done Gertie! Those are absolutely sublime. And that colour is the exact colour I have in mind for the hallway here in Boston … I shall call Egg of Gertie whatever it says on the tin 🙂

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