More elbow grease – and some wax

On these 2 rusted fittings I have used Rub’n’Buff, then on the second one I have added Annie Sloan dark wax. It really adds some depth and stops the metallic paint looking flat.

Author: poshbirdy

Art deco/ art nouveau maniac enjoying a deep and meaningful relationship with alcohol

2 thoughts on “More elbow grease – and some wax”

  1. Peas in a pod, Gill!
    It was my first time with the Annie Sloan wax. I haven’t done the chandelier yet, as I still need to complete the painting. But I am considering finding one really large glass shade if I don’t find 4 small ones I like. I’m thinking Degue shallow bowl shaped,and hanging it by chains to the 4 arms. Depends how much hanging length I can allow, so may have to wait until I know which room it’s going in. But if I see the right shade/s I will obviously buy them anyway! x


  2. OOh I like Annie Sloan wax, and Liberon waxes great too & easily available in France. Those are V impressive, have you waxed chandelier? have you found some glass shades on ebay? I sold some pink ribbed sparkly glass 30’s ones only last year that were surplus to requirements

    PS love your “poshbirdy” description, most of which could apply to me also!!!


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