Shades of Brown

check your Farrow and Ball colour chart

I am steadily ridding the world of horrid shades of brown. It’s not that I don’t like brown, but I dislike some of its manifestations, which could be named:

Glastonbury 16             Slug            Dysentery           Other end            Disgust

Most of which were in both our UK and French houses in abundance

Our UK home is on an island along with thirty-plus other houses. At the moment the small Victorian iron bridge – the only access to our homes – is being closed at night for repairs and a neighbour asked us all on the facebook page to vote on the colour/s it will be re-painted

The first person said ‘rust colour’!!

But, rust aside, the two colour schemes favoured are dark and light grey, and blue with white/cream. No-one has discussed the actual shades yet but the population seems split firmly down the middle on this, and I fear another ‘Brexit’ type situation – ‘Bridg-it’ perhaps?

The thing is, people in the UK tend to form a very strong opinion (as we have recently seen) and are polarised in their points of view. I do hope that families on the Island will not be torn asunder by such an important matter!

Personally I don’t think it matters which colour scheme suggestion they go with in name (if indeed we even get to voice an opinion) because surely it’s not whether it’s blue or grey, but whether it’s the right blue or grey, etc that matters

And oh please, anything but rust!




Author: poshbirdy

Art deco/ art nouveau maniac enjoying a deep and meaningful relationship with alcohol

13 thoughts on “Shades of Brown”

  1. Ha,ha,ha! I live in a world of Urban Putty, Khaki and myriad other taupe colors, though as Elizabeth pointed out perhaps they would sell less well with your names. I quite like neutrals but I have had my fuchsia moments… You cannot sell your house in our part of Texas without repainting the interior shades of beige. As for the outside – we even have local laws to prevent us from painting anything other than a tasteful neutral!!! Good luck with the color choice!

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  2. If the cans of paint were labelled as you describe, maybe there would be fewer people purchasing them, and less of those dingey colours to be seen. Am I an Optimist ?


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  3. Depends on the shade of rust 😉 Gingery rust, with flecks of turquoise verdigris here and there can be very appealing but I’m guessing the town council won’t be that imaginative.

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  4. Exactly – its the shade that is important, the hue but try getting that through to most people who get stuck on a colour combination which is in their head in the right shade and the right hue but is never communicated. I will look forward to hearing the outcome and presumably if it is rust you will be out in the moonlight repainting it? x

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