9 thoughts on “Plumber (smiley face) Me (sad face)”

  1. A hard post to like. You have my sympathy. Don’t know if this will help. We are doing bathroom renovations so I went online and did a google search for the following words: Canberra region bathroom renovations reviews. Got a lot of comments, but one fellow seemed to get only positive comments, dating between 2011 and 2015. He’s doing the job and we are happy so far.

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  2. Silly boys …. behaving like crooks won’t earn them any pennies. There will be a solution and all will be well but I imagine you feel like screaming loudly, bursting into tears and then wrapping yourself in a duvet for the rest of the day. As a rather feeble substitute I send you support and succour and very bad thoughts to Quillan Plumbing Sarl (or whatever this particular plombier is called) xx

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  3. And they wonder why we often revert to using British builders.
    Having said that, I have used a good French builder and a bad British one. I don’t mind whether the builder is French, English, Scottish or whatever but I never use anybody that hasn’t been recommended – preferably by a fellow expat.
    I’m so sorry you are feeling dispirited but you will find somebody to do the work for you – it just might take a little more time.

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